Saturday, March 13, 2010

A new boyfriend

Momma met a deaf man while she was in school. He was pretty funny. Between his visits, visits from Church members, momma going to school, going down to grandma's house, etc, life began easing up a little bit. Summer always seemed to make life a little easier.

There was a big spool that cable used to be on that Papa knocked a few boards out of the side for me so I could hide inside. I loved hiding. Hiding made me feel safe. I'd climb into the spool with a book and no one would bother me for hours that summer. I'd giggle when one of the cats would find me and try to climb into the spool with me. I'd be even happier when Papa would set a PB&J sandwich cut into fourths and a cold glass of milk on top of the spool. He'd walk through the yard whistling with the goodies Grandma would make, sometimes cookies, sometimes cake and leave the treats pretending he didn't know I was in the spool. I'd barely wait until I heard him turn back towards the house before my hand would reach up to gather my treats.

I liked mom's new boyfriend. He taught us how to sign and was a big kid himself. This is how stupid he was though... one day he was goofing around and poured motor oil over my head. Now remember... all the water had to be heated so I was PISSED I had to wash my hair in Dawn dish washing liquid about 92 times to get the oil out. He felt really bad though. He didn't go to his own church so he was open to going with us. I really liked that I could turn my back and say smart ass things and then turn back around and smile innocently when he was around. He kept momma occupied so I tried not to run him off.

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