Sunday, December 27, 2009


Okay, so I've decided to write this story being as real as possible. I'm not doing this for other people, but I think I just need to do it. That being said, this story probably isn't going to be for everyone (kids) etc. I don't really want to self-edit... I self -edit enough at work. This isn't going to be from my "professional standpoint", but there are plenty of blogs like that out there if that's what you're looking for.

Anyway, I learned what a bitch my mom was from a very early age. I really loved my mom as a child. She meant everything to me and I always wanted to please her. I hated to ever see her cry or be pissed off. I received my first lesson in sarcasm when my dad left my mom. I was watching an old black and white Cheerios commercial the night my dad left. I know that's not significant, but I still can't watch Cheerios commercials to this day. I heard the door slam and listened to my mom screaming what a fucking bastard he was. She was crying so hard. I waited for her to calm down a little bit. We lived in a small, but clean basement apartment and I could see my dad's feet as they walked down the sidewalk. I instinctively knew he wouldn't be back. After my mom calmed down a little bit, I found her in the living room and asked her why she was crying. She looked at me and sneered "Sometimes grown-ups cry when they are really happy". I couldn't have been more than three and a half years old, but this is one of my first memories. I learned to that my mom would lie to me that day. For the first time I felt nervous to be around her. She was off the deep end. I made myself scarce for the rest of the day.

Two weeks old...

Kids having kids.

                      Gotta love the 70's!!

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