Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Weekend Posting

I didn't sleep well last night. I thought about my past for the better part of the night and felt  hung over from the emotional roller coaster this morning. I was thankful to have the luxury of going in a few hours late and glad I didn't have court first thing this morning. I'm only going to post on the weekends to this blog. I need time to get over myself so I can give my best to the families I work with. I have to pace myself so I don't drown LoL. Thanks for understanding.


Kelly said...

I completely understand. Hope my email didn't contribute to the emotional overload. I admire your strength and don't understand how you can even do this.

I mentioned you and your story to my SW today and she was so glad I had connected with you. She also was amazed at your strength and said she can't imagine what you go through day in and day out, having to re-live your trauma.

Hang in there and know I will be thinking of you this week.

Babs said...

Thanks Kelly :) I can turn it off. I'll be fine.